Word of the Day: Lollipop

Halloween starts in a high school US History class.

It’s spooky how the conversations bring up the history of almond joy as I pass out lollipops.

One student said that he is too old for Trick or Treat, but metaphor contradicts this if you know what Lil Wayne meant on Tha Carter 4 with his break out hit (hint-hint on the Kit-Kat) Lollipop.

First times are discussed, as vampire types Succubus and Incubus belittle the virgins that post on their Snapchats; victims that seemingly lack the hunger one gets when you don’t have a Snickers.

One in particular brings up his monster and how it compares to Frankenstein‘s monster in size. With his description of how he cuffs females, he should be wrapping it up (I’m not clowning around either. Dude literally floats around the snap just to achieve almond joy at someone else’s DM. Can you say #pennywise?).

I had an undead zombie for a student that wished for a better selection of music coming from my playlist so she could turn up. She doesn’t eat brains for a better term, she is one – a smart mouth to compete with a hauntingly smart teacher.

Lollipops are accompanied by the snacks being sold by students that are taking advantage of the holiday, like merchants.

Three 6 Mafia samples run franticly in here and they only know Juicy J1/3rd of the trio but they want to hear mumble rappers here on this special Transformation Tuesday. Like the wrappers that are discarded after consumption, one must remember my opinion of this genre when a can is being offered to throw the wrappers away. Trash should not take up residence.

Stay clean.

For I have been woke for well over 30 hours (Afterhours apply).

And I have yet to see anyone lick the wrapper anyway.

I will admit, the class at the end of the day exorcised all of the negative vibes from the previous haunts – even my own, giving me hope in this afterlife.

Word of the Day: Sauce

Can you believe that this class is my favorite passtime?


And I love to eat!

So I’m allowed to indulge a little because this classroom is a kitchen.

I see that the paper assignment has only been started by a selected few and this isn’t the main course.

The main course, accompanied by today’s throwback I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly, is spreading wings with too much sauce.

Too much sauce coming from the stories coming from this female senior that has relations with a student that is just a cherry on top of her dessert.

Is it too late now to say sorry” – as the upperclassmen are playing the board game and Justin Bieber‘s song is ironic in the naming of the particular dish that the female senior seems to be coming back for.

Does she want seconds?

She comes back from first period to the next to visit her classmates to partake in the pouring out of SZA‘s narrative of the weekend as I explain to them why I’m a cereal killer, eating my carbs for the day.

I wish that I had green tea to go with the sugar in one student’s lack thereof in their coffee and honey in mine, served cold with iceĀ because the conversation needed it.

Her friends know that in her situation, describing the toppings of her main course, she is his side dish instead because he devours chicken.

Knowing this, the goal is for him to overindulge, to make him blue as both parties seem to have a red-hot passion for each other’s dietary content.

As I’ve learned in my experience in nutrition:

Too much of just about anything can be a bad thing.

But they are all young, wild, and free and when life gives you lemons (Throwing caution to the wind).

I take them and put them in my green tea, balancing the honey.

They make lemonade.

Both beverages served cold.