Word of the Day: Savage

Today is Tuesday.

On this day, I go from being Mr. Johnson to J Savage.

The T in my first name is a dominant figure head in this all male recessive middle school classroom.

This is a Personal Health instead of the usual P.E. class so I already know that they don’t want book work, just that work on the basketball court.

This makes the 7th, 8th, and 6th graders (in that order) in this Related Arts class lit with the big word that frightens their small world:


The 5 Steps of Goal Setting is what the lesson pertains to today, but it is here where Dru Hill begins and nine plus ten equals to a student that talks to me like he is 21 Savage minus 21 which is absence on his Savage T-shirt.

If you subtract the correct total for nine plus ten and twenty-one, you’ll get how much testosterone he lacked after he realized what happens when Mr. Johnson doesn’t have his daily cup of Black Coffee.

The goal of the day was short-term: Make it through the day without absolute chaos.

He became a long-term one.

As it became apparent that he needed to Get It Together (inserts Drake’s Equation)

He even had a Wingman to accompany his shenanigans.

I recall the debate we had:


Me: There is no I in team.

Them: There is a me though.

Me: There is a me in them too.

Them: And who is them?

Me: Them is you. All of you.

You’d think that this would be a #savageshutdown.


You see, this is when they feel the need to roast me (Correction: They try. Lord, they try.)

And they get loud.

Very, very loud.

And profanity?

As plentiful as 21 Savage says the number throughout his songs (21).

They learn a lesson in the art of rhetoric:

Profanity and vocal elevation don’t equate to being comical while insulting your opposition.

And I frequently tell them that I’m clearly not funny (like Sinfield; seriously not funny).

Although both factors do add life to my monotone speech and poker face, they don’t see the ace in the hole.

I’m letting the coach in on the play-by-play footage.

Perhaps the most savage thing that I’ve done is inadvertently let them in on a long-term goal that has been set since the beginning:

Thursday’s Throwback from Tuesday’s Transformation exposes Marvin’s Room when they don’t get any playtime on the sidelines.

In the famous words of yet another little man:

You gone learn today!

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