Word of the Day: Lit

Back to my home school, the school where I graduated from.

So it seems that apparently I’m lame for reading out the assignment in Kodak Black.

This is progress, because not one of them are doing their assignment (because they know that this coach doesn’t like to assign heavy bookwork. Some manage to do it later during the day.)

Today’s playlist is dedicated to the Twitter video of the skaters rolling in the basement, with a mellow bassline.

I just want to chill today.

Without Netflix, without inferring R&B group Guy (as I know some of these students will possibly be doing after school or during the weekend. If the climate is as I’d expect, the temperature will be rising afterwards because this baseline will make even grown folks weak. This is not delibrate, just a part of growing up.)

I’m not trying to deal with some students that feel it necessary not to tell me when they are going to the restroom without my permission.

(Because honestly, if your bladder was as lit as your accusations of lame are to me, you’d take it into consideration that I’m trying to look out for you. Jo James’s Permission comes to mind here as it is getting closer and closer to the weekend and with the sheer irony of being placed next to a Driver Ed class, the green light for them is a yellow for me.)

Some of them want normal.

A retrospection of our predicament comes to some discovery that normal is too…


You shouldn’t have tunnel vision (Kodak Black reference).

The baseline in these Psychology/African-American History classes serves as an inference to everything planned for the present (but not what happens when you include Netflix in the equation.)

A Polaroid picture is taken metaphorically (while I question Kodak Black’s authenticity), shaking the color into perspective as the term lit compares to extravagant melody. 

I can’t get a break today, as my planning period is coverage for yet another class of upperclassmen. They were interestingly intrigued by my music, wanting to hear throwback R&B songs favorable for the moment of Netflix and chill but I gave them a L and bounced back with songs from my high school years (still lit).

That L is for Lesson, not a Loss, but when referencing quotes from the artists of their “old(the late 80‘s and early 90‘s), they were Lost instead.

As the temperature rises, they fall for the biggest trick in the book.

Climate change.

All of these El Nino’s  and La Nina’s don’t understand the caution that comes from being the authority figure when predicting the probability of the weather outside the classroom.

I’d prefer the storm to be self-contained within, something that I’m used to in my personal life.

But, that’s a tale for another time.

Until then, I need the bell system to work and 3:15pm to Come and See Me (No Party Next Door today) because the candle is beginning to dim and I need to sleep.

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