Word of the Day: Clapback

6th grade…

The struggle of making first impressions is comparable to the art form made famous in the 18th century.


Now, you’d think that 6th grade math and history are incompatible here – the age of the students (being 12 years) and the grade that they are currently in (the 6th).

But, if you total the moment of time spent from this past (18th century) you’d realize that this seems to be the only commutable moment where history and time could be around each other to enjoy each other’s company.

At this present moment, the assignment is improvised:

  • Take the roll
  • Call the roll that was written by the students to verify three genuine things about them.

I secretly conduct an experiment in reference to time and time spent (a ratio for future endeavors) giving the students the responsiblity of writing their names on the paper and verifying their presence with my calling and response.

Some are timid.

Others are bold.

I tell them of the past untold in metaphor.

I clapback with barz (As they call them. I tell them that I’m not a rapper)

They find it amusing, confusing, but are intrigued by my knowledge of hashtags, trap rappers, and songs that they assume I’m too old to understand.

I expected Bad and Boujee by Migos but instead I got one Lil Uzi Vert that thought that I was corny (With my clapback game strong with rebuttal to this child. You don’t get to call me corny and lame and I eat corny folks like you like I eat all other vegetables. You can’t comeback with statements asking me whbruh. Your lame today was lame then. Stay in yo lane.).

But I’ve learned to let them be great (another word for foolish).

After all, I am the Impressionist.

This is my Salon.

And they are the critics.



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