Word of the Day: Recycle

Another Throwback Thursday but they contradict themselves when listening to recycled materials.

Engineering is appled mathematics is the phrase I utter aplenty here in this classroom full of bright (lit) minds but Lord knows that they hate that worksheet of Geometry that the teacher left in his absence.

And the students think that I’m absence minded.

Everyday I’m lit bruh! 

And they ask questions:

  1. Are you on drugs?
  2. Why can you play some other music? This music is wack.

I answer in kind:

  1. I’m on sacrasm. I’m sure you feel its side effects.
  2. Recycled material is what you always listen to, you just don’t give props to its source.

But is it fear of the unknown that they don’t like?

I think that it’s the difference between axioms and postulates instead.

They dislike rules but follow them anyway (A contradiction).

They Break Ups 2 Make Up by Method Man without empirical method yo!

No flow!

Apieron comes to mind here, as I engineer philosophical content like DJ Khaled engineers hits, but they seem to pay no mind (at times) to the original content renewed and reused for our listening ears.

An academic paradox comes into play here.

That contradiction – the disdain that is rule following, is quite a Philosophical Investigation.

The Paradox of Rule-Following is quite a chore, and this is first period.

I will admit, the other classes were alright but there are always bad apples (Can I call them antigravitational anomalies that slightly appose the Laws of Motion; being that the primary issue of problematic challenge is often male and is either my height or slightly taller that feels emotions of authority).

Although I often find it ironic that it’s always either the first or final period that often has its share of kinetic energy, there is never a dull moment in any class. This is possibly because I enact the philosophical concept of Anaximander as a beacon of knowledge with my Vans on (but they look like dress shoes – keeping the swag on fleek for real).

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