Word of the Day: Gay

Wild Thoughts by DJ Khaled ft Rihanna and Bryson Tiller is embedded in my mind while covering for this 8th grade history teacher. I’m reminded of the use of synonyms and acronyms that are used throughout the class period (as this is 6th period and I’m ready to go. Regardless, I’m quite entertained).



I have plenty but they are embedded in sexual orientative conversation from the 8th graders that have such verbal repeal.

They talk in unsuccessful whispers about it.

They congregate in small groups and close circles in their quadrilateral desks.

As happy as they can be, they know nothing of how gay they appear.

Homosexual is too perplexing of a word for them to use here. Simplicity is guarded by the lack of knowing that those “wild thoughts” are indeed expressions that are inferred without being so general.

To be straight up honest with them is often complacent of their understanding that I’m simply implying semantics but these are 8th graders that understand the use of both synonyms and acronyms in one word:



You don’t even have to include “wild” to know what the acronym is.

In my mind, as these conversations run wild, I’m saying to myself:

Ain’t no way these children have the capacity to know from experience the essence of thotiness (Yes, that is a word).

(And I hashtag #ikant instead of #icant because Kant’s Categorical Imperative is prevalent in Birdman‘s pronunciation of what he can’t say correctly. Respect ends with a “t” and not a “k” after all, but this is not a mere means to an ending.)

You see, I like to insinuate experience in the manner of words with objects and how they are placed to see if they know the term a priori.

A coffee mug that has a phrase I Don’t Give A Sip with peanuts in it from a big blue bag. 

How does that add up?

Gender Studies (That was a joke. No shade given.)

The obscure don’t know about the obscene.

No surprise to them.

Gay isn’t happy-go-lucky.

It simply goes past them like a straight line.


But in the equation that follows separately, they know (infer) the phrase. The peanuts? I urinate with what God has given me but “dez” usually comes from them (with it, because this conjunction has a function). Compare the term with the many names one can call “dez” and you realize that big blue shouldn’t be waiting so long to come.

But this is a history class.

And they are learning about Spanish and European explorers.

Conquistadors that need to conquer that study guide before their test on Monday.

As Kant exquisitely said,

Experience without theory is blind, but theory without experience is mere intellectual play.

And gay rhymes with play anyway.



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