Academic Shade: Kevin Gates the Kitty of Uncertainty

I’ve heard this quote plenty of times;

Curiosity killed the cat.

As an individual with a Jedi master level of sarcasm and wit, the most basic rebuttal for this statement would be;

But I ain’t no pussy.

Honesty, I would be pulling a dick move (another one; in the voice of DJ Khaled) but to point to the matter at hand, this discourse (or intercourse; however you deem it) is a moral lesson in the dichotomy of one of many human experiences that some tend to take for granted.

And with this, I present to you a well-known thought experiment (and no, I’m not a thot. Think about that for a moment).

A cat

A box

A flask of poison

A radioactive source

The cat is put in the box with both the flask of poison and the radioactive source (because for some strange reason, we can never trust a big butt and a smile and imagine our dragons making heat) and is both dead and alive unless we remove the box and observe the cat in one particular state. Now the saying goes that cats have nine lives but two states? That’s like Kevin Gates having two phones; one for the plug and one for the load, one for the b@#$h and one for the dough, and two more and counting; with each phone a Kevin Gates in one state that is observable in two different situations (He an Atomic Dawg. Bow wow wow bruh).

This thought experiment (or thot experiment, in the case of Kevin Gates here in this paradox) is called the Uncertainty Principle (like how I’m uncertain that if it is the case that Kevin Gates was the box that encases the cat, maybe he’d know the outcome of having so many phones to do the things he does, particularly the consumption of that part that lies between poison and radioactivity.). The uncertainty of the situation and status of the cat (and Kevin Gates for that matter) is something of a life lesson that is rooted from the realm of quantum physics to everyday life’s moral and ethical viewpoint.

We have endless moments of uncertainty. Everything we do has a choice in the manner of all principles learned from the past, present, and future. In the case of the Uncertainty Principle, both states of uncertainty create parallel worlds; other versions of you that exist in some parallel universe. Uncertainty is a tool; much like the box, the poison, and the radioactive source that follows. It is created with purpose, but it isn’t without its share of fears and doubts as to what circumstances can throw an individual into a state of optimism or pessimism; the glass being half-full or half-empty. Uncertainty begs the question:

What if it is something else?

Like elsewhere;

Entangled inside the boles of our being

Hungry for clarity

Spreading the charity of understanding the entropic spread of moral value (because that’s some deep level sh&*).

For if I’ve learned anything about the nature of uncertainty, it’s that it is indeed like sarcasm and when nature seems to make sense, it has a funny and intimate way of obscuring things into focus, even when getting there is nasty and vile.



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