Personal Life Lyrics: Closer

Here’s an idea…

There are many of them!

All that is near us we must know
Could disappear any day be careful
The main key to finding happiness 
Lies nowhere else but my soul

I’m going to do something different this time.

A homage, if you will.

I’l be honest. The premises behind this story, the past ones, and the others to come are completely freestyle and are true stories that I wish to share to those that are willing to learn from the lyrics from my life to yours.

My soul’s contentment comes from learning and aspiring to grow from what has been learned, and is still learning still. I mean, it was Socrates that said it best:

If I know anything, I know nothing.

And it seems like I do that on and off the internet canvas with my array of talents that I convey as gifts to society.

What in the world is the happiness 
That you gained from your newest experience? 
Maybe you’re just too blessed 
To remember!

It was a senior from Keenan High School that told me something that I will always remember. I remember it like it was yesterday (Nope, it was 2014. I got fired from Walmart that year too. Retail was the 4th Circle of Hell that I had to deal with. Unlike the 10th circle of middle schoolers*, here lies a group of sinners that desire to punish hard workers with more work and little respect. Good times).

There is a difference between doing what you love and doing what you are passionate about.

Now the first time I had heard this, I was like;

-inserts Land of Confusion by Disturbed (because I was deeply disturbed) with a look of awe-

Love and passion?

I thought that these terms were synonyms.

But then I learned from experience that just like there is a difference between love and passion, that there is a difference between happiness and contentment.

That you’re here 
That you’re breathing 
Realize that’s 
just a miracle in itself

I recall the Theory of Forms here.

Apples and Oranges.

Love and Passion.

Happiness and Contentment.

On a scale of one to ten, how do they add up and balance in my life and the experiences obtained?

A poem comes to mind on this very topic:

Roses are red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

And so are you.

Apples and oranges are sweet. They are round objects too but how do they compare to love and passion?

Then comes a miracle…

The things closest to you 
You need to always pay the most attention to 
If you get too close to something 
You’ll lose sight of it

“Love is such a complex thing,” I say to this particular senior. “It centers itself around the axis of passion, tilting our pleasures and desires.” 

“That is true,” the senior says, “but…(he pauses, gathering up his thoughts on the matter) is this your passion?”

“I just love to learn and to help others,” I say.

“But, is it your passion to learn and to help others or is it something you love and can do without” The senior interjects.

I pause.

“Explain,” I say.

You know the closer you get to something 
The tougher it is to see it 
And I’ll never take it for granted

Let’s go

“It’s like eating an apple or an orange or some other sweet food. If you love apples or oranges, you’ll eat them and enjoy them but if you have a passion of eating them, you’ll grow a garden to ensure that you’ll never run out of them,” The senior explains.

“Ah! Passion is a particular concept. The metaphysics behind your definition of passion is what Aristotle would call excellence in principle,” I say. “So what is love? A means to an end? Perhaps a Final Cause?”

“It’s tough to describe in one word,” The senior says, “We tend to take it for granted though. It’s like…(He pauses, gathering up the words for it) bliss.” 

“Ignorance is bliss,” I say.

Then I donned on me what he meant.

Though there are people that say 
Helping someone is hypocritical 
Each person 
Can be trusted, or can be doubted, so…

I realized the universal in the dialog.

For subjectivity is a powerful empathetic tool of the wise and he was wise as well.

“I get it now,” I say, smiling contently. “Love is an act, a passion is a habit.”

“It should be something you can’t live without, an extension of your very being,” said the senior.

It shouldn’t come off as a surprise that it was in this week (It was a Thursday. My TGIF but not a Friday because I work nights on Fridays) that I would have to explain my own subjectivity at yet another place of employment years later.

Let’s say that 
Even if you are hypocritical 
If you saved someone because of it 
That would be real, more than anything

Security work in a guardhouse.

Inside of the guardhouse was nothing like my mind (as my mind is like the TARDIS; bigger on the inside. Unfortunately, that leaves room for statements like weird, crazy, bizarre – all of the synonyms that fancy uniqueness).

One Friday, I recall a conversation between a driver and me.

“You seem very happy today! I wish I was as happy as you,” the driver says, as I’m processing his paperwork.

“I’m just doing my job. My job is to act happy to get positive results. I’m content, not happy,” I say.

As always (in most cases) my responses start debates…

“Content? What is the difference between the two? Happy? Content? They both mean that you are feeling good,” said the driver.

“Well…(I gather my words carefully not to offend) happy is Pharrell’s song and I’m surely not like that. I enjoy the song but to be honest, contentment is better for me,” I say.

“Why is that,” said the driver.

“Why be happy when you can be interesting,” I say, quoting Slavoj Zizek

“It’s interesting of you to say that. I know I’m happy in Jesus. Jesus is the way, the truth and the light,” he says.

“The Logos illuminates in us all sir,” I say.

“Continue chasing after your dreams” 
And “Go on without giving up” 
The more you say pretty things like that 
The less that actually gets done

This is the sweet part of the conversation.

God‘s love is eternal,” he says.

He continues without filter, “You shouldn’t be so uptight. You know, for a second judging from your posture and attitude, I would have thought you were military.”

I pause before responding, wondering why this driver is still here for one, and secondly how to end this conversation without it having to go on any longer (because as I’ve learned from some of these drivers, they must follow some of the Cynic personal hygiene habits with some of their appearances and odor. This driver made me search the hills and beyond for Jesus by smell alone).

“Happy is bliss. Contentment is striving for excellence,” I say, recalling the senior from a few years ago “Because anyone can be happy but can you own up to your own self-worth?”

“Oh…” said the driver.

At this point, I hoped that his odor caught the message too.

I’ll keep a handful of courage in my heart 
To use to live through tomorrow 
And I’ll never take it for granted

Let’s go

I thought he would leave after that “oh“.

Oh no he didn’t.

After an unsuccessful attempt to find an empty trailer, he returns after I have rebuked the Cynic funk that he brought with him.

“Here are some Biblical verses to leave you with young man,” he says.

I thank him and say nothing else so he’ll leave before the Cynic odor settles down with me again.

The things closest to you 
You need to always pay the most attention to 
If you get too close to something 
You’ll lose sight of it

Is subjectivity honesty?

Diogenes was searching for the most honest man. He wasn’t the most appealing individual but at least he was virtuous.

Is objectivity truth?

Aristotle always longed for the truth and believed that the truth came from doing virtuous things.

The Problem with Universals is that both premises are not the absolute clear picture in the photograph on the canvas being painted from it.

Its colors are the same but they are applied through different means. Primary and secondary** colors from paint are different from the electromagnetic spectrum of light snapped from the camera.

The same can be said for ideals.

You know the closer you get to something 
The tougher it is to see it 
And I’ll never take it for granted

We can compare ideals.

There are many of them.

I can compare the ideals of the driver to the barrel that Diogenes lived in (figurative and literally, I really don’t want to imagine what it is like in there) or the limits of physical space that bond me concretely to the possibly limitless potential that comes from my imaginative mind.

That senior was the potential that I desired for all of the students that I’ve met, just at a different time and place.

“Continue chasing after your dreams” 
And “Go on without giving up” 
The more you say pretty things like that 
The less that actually gets done

It all starts with a spark and a fire ignites. We never know the time or place, what opportunity it takes us. I was also told that a dream is a wish and a vision is taking action to make the wish come true (Damn you Disney).

Be as you wish to seem.

Do what drives your being.

I’ll keep a handful of courage in my heart 
To use to live through tomorrow 
And I’ll never take it for granted

Let’s go

Naruto had two words that embodied his principles:

Believe it.

He wished to be Hokage and put forth the work to become one. His ideals and even the ideals of the other ninjas empower their decisions, even their style of ninjutsu. These ideals are the foundation on which the fire is set ablaze.

To Mike Rugnetta, you have set a foundation for others to aspire to. You lit the flame and set it ablaze. Now you have many others to illuminate the minds of others. This post is one hell of a commemoration for the great work that you have done. I will continue doing what I do in keep the fire burning. As the 11th Doctor concluded,

We’re all just stories in the end. Make it a good one. 

As your companion on this journey, I’d say great show!

Great show indeed.



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